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It has been known for a while that a television series based on the adventures of Marvel's original Runaways, Cloak and Dagger, was in the works. And in a pleasant surprise, a trailer has been revealed. And here it is!



The trailer begins with a pair of people running, only to encounter a pair of cops. A brief shot of a young boy in a black hoodie, which then transitions to a young man looking at his face. I think this young man is our Tyrone Johnson.

Then there's a ship, I think. A truck, and then a shot of a young girl in ballet class. I think this is our Tandy Bowen.

Based on what we see in these shots, I'm guessing that Tyrone rescues Tandy from drowning in a car, and they probably start their friendship then, or maybe it's just the first time they encounter each other.

The scene with Tandy and Tyrone meeting each other was sweet. My only complaint was that Tyrone didn't have his stutter. You see, in the comics, before he became Cloak, Tyrone Johnson had a very bad stutter. It's what prevented him from speaking up and saving a friend from being killed, which made him run away in the first place.

It is neat to see that this series remembers that Tandy Bowen was a ballet dancer. That's good.

We do get to see brief glimpses of Dagger using her powers, including one of her light daggers. It looks like a crystal. I don't think we really see Cloak's powers in action, just some darkness around his hand in one scene. In a clever nod, we do see that Tyrone does wrap himself in a black cloak. There is a shot of him on a roof, which has a Roxxon sign on it. Could Roxxon be the ones behind Cloak and Dagger getting their powers here? They have empowered people in the comics.

This looks really interesting. I'll give it a looksee when it comes out.

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Submitted on
April 19